Pictures from the premiere of  «Centurion.» The 2nd century war between Roman conquerors and Picts, this Roman defeat supposedly being a popular version of why the 9th legion at this time disappeared into oblivion.

As I correctly recall the 9th was resurrected and much later suffered another defeat in Britain, this time approximately 60AD, by the celt warrior queen Boudica and the Iceni, also this a complete massacre.

«Centurion» is a good film, a strong 4 in my opinion…if a little shallow plot-wise at times. Some character development could have been better, and the Picts are a little one dimensional. Still very good entertainment, I’ll probably buy it when it hits the shops. 🙂

I think I look way more fierce than the promo actor.

She looks better than me of course, with the nice costume and the spear…tho my umbrella is the coolest in town! Oscar of course agrees…

…and Magnus too! Raymond as always ubercool. And very appreciative of the fact that I sawed the already patinated shaft off of my rake for the sake of the project.

Oh and Michael Fassbender is not so very ugly.


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