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Class concluded and competions

The last beginners classes of this year are over and the last evening included an informal competition. The participants of this class has been very easy learners and had great progression. 🙂

The competition consisted of 10 rounds with 3 arrows each and the result was as follows:

1. Asbjørn 178 points
2. Asia 157 points
3. Anne Sofie 152 points
4. Mads 147 points
5. Ronja 130 points
6. Thomas 128 points

The three best results were as usual priced with chocolate, and all students received their diploma.
But that was not all! Tonje had conspired with the rest of the gang to celebrate mine and Hallvards 10 year jubilee in the club. Thus I was, with much waving of pointy objects kidnapped (again!) from my home, where I was about to collapse on the couch after a very tiring afternoon at Jekta, nursing a headache which can only be compared to wearing a far too tight swim cap. As I could not in all fairness resist this sort of persuation I kicked back a couple of pain killers and was then driven to Fløya under very strong hints that something special (and very secret) was going on.

20141105_202612Bueskyting 007

Neither Hallvard nor I was very unhappy about being celebrated with cake and cider. Thank you all fabulous people for being the best folks in the best archery club there is! 😀

20141105_200909( the second picture of the two of us might not be all of ten years old but at least close to it)


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