Amazing archery material at the Stockholm Museum of History

Sagittarii Holmiae

IMG_7434.jpgThe Sagittarii Holmiae had the honor today, to be shown the historical archery material at the Stockholm Museum of History.

IMG_7435.jpgPh.D. Archeology Elisabeth Regner, Senior Curator at the museum, gave us a very special
tour, including showing us some of the archery material from the museum’s collections, usually not shown for visitors.

Above a sami hunting bow (flatbow) from around 1,000 AD, is displayed, along with some arrowheads. Detail right. Arrowheads below.


Above a medieval longbow (14th or 15th century), probably a hunting bow.


Above, the skull of a soldier, fallen at the battle of Visby in 1361. The skull is penetrated by an arrow from a crossbow.


Perhaps most exciting was this heavy bow (above), which I would argue is probably a warbow. Made of pine, the bow is believed to originate från the period 500-800 AD. This however is unclear, since it hasn’t been examined using the C14-method.

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