And the sky went black: The Battles of Crécy and Agincourt (podcast)

Sagittarii Holmiae

battle_of_crecy_froissartitunes-logo.jpgThis episode of the podcast «…and the sky went black!», tales and history of the English longbow deals with two famous battles, where the English longbow triumphed: Crécy (1346) and Agincourt (1415).

logga.pngThe episode is called The Battles of Crécy and Agincourt: We happy few, we band of brothers!, referring to the famous speech by king Henry V in Shakespeares drama, named after the English king who fought at Agincourt.

Behind this humble production are Henrik Arnstad, science journalist specialising in history, and historian Adam Westlund, specialising in medieval history.

Please comment below, regarding your thoughts about this episode. Thank you for tuning in! Listen below:

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