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The decline and fall of the English longbow

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5a99fed870b2e857f68cb5be60b792cd.jpgitunes-logoThis episode of the podcast «…and the sky went black!», tales and history of the English longbow is a bit sad. It deals with the decline and eventual disappearance of the English longbow, from the battlefield. A gradual process which occurred during the 16th and 17th century.

Benjamin_Franklin_1767.jpgAs late as 1776, the famous American inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter:

But I still wish, with you, that pikes could be introduced and I would add bows and arrows. These were good weapons, not wisely laid aside;

  1. Because a man may shoot as truly with a bow as with a common musket.
  2. He can discharge four arrows in the time of charging and discharging one bullet.
  3. His object is not taken from his view by the smoke of his own side.
  4. A flight of arrows, seen coming upon them, terrifies and disturbs the enemies’ attention to their business.
  5. An arrow striking…

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